Stay Encouraged

Do you feel lost or confused this weekend? Perhaps your view is a little fuzzy. It happens to us all.  But if you keep walking forward, if you just keep the faith, you will find your way!  Remember, there’s always another side! You just have to get there! Stay focused, strong, and encouraged!  

Be Consistent

“Consistency is the key to the breakthrough. You aren’t doing something wrong. You aren’t doing the right thing long enough.” Creflo Dollar You have a vision for your dreams, now be consistent.    

Finding The Right Frequency

The first time one of my stories written for television, actually appeared on television, was a huge shock to me. The director didn’t call , or send a check in the mail, or respond via email ( honestly, I wasn’t sure I had the correct email address ). But weeks later, while watching a show, I…

Be Excellent

Excellence on any level is greater than mediocrity. Anything in your life that isn’t helpful needs to go away. This weekend, prune away any dead weight, and watch what emerges.

How To Leave A Mark

Anyone can leave a mark in the world. It’s easy. But leaving a mark that stands the test of time requires, faith, endurance, patience, and tenacity. Remember, your mark matters.  

Breaking Barriers

A roadblock is a barrier or barricade on a road, a hinderance, it’s there to prevent you from moving forward on that road.  And that’s all it is. It’s not a stop sign, or a dead end, it’s a roadblock. And how you see that roadblock determines if you fail or succeed. Now you didn’t…