Stepping Into The Right Shoes

“Don’t be afraid to take another step. Your steps are order. So pick a pair of shoes and go make your dreams come true.” The gecko ( in the photo below) is hidden in plain sight. If you blink you could miss it. Similar to many  opportunities that pass us by on a daily basis. …

How To Leave A Mark

Anyone can leave a mark in the world. It’s easy. But leaving a mark that stands the test of time requires, faith, endurance, patience, and tenacity. Remember, your mark matters.  

The Keys To Success

This fall, while navigating a greasy kitchen floor in a restaurant, wearing slick high heels, I feel on my butt. I survived with no bumps or bruises. And since I enjoy the dream of walking through any surface wearing any pair of shoes I please, some new precautionary measures, also known as (a rubber sole…

Shoe Therapy From J Crew

A great pair of shoes has  the ability to brighten your day and change your life.. They always fit. Well most of the time- I still have shoes that I can’t fit since having a baby. It’s sad, but I donated them 2 years ago and I am sure they are making someone very happy….

Convo With Brandy: Meet Mr. Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik, the elegant master of women’s shoe design, was born in Spain’s Canary Islands. After studying architecture in Geneva, he relocated to Paris and then London, where he opened his first boutique. The Manolo Blahnik line has earned icon status; the distinctively sexy and sophisticated heel on a Manolo Blahnik shoe is instantly recognizable….

Tuesday How To Traffic Stoping Shoes From JCrew

I found this cute video this morning about JCrew Shoes. I love that they are designed in NYC but made in Italy.. I think the person telling the story has a few too many shoes, but I love the inspiration I found by viewing this video. It shows the work that goes behind-the-scenes making these…

Monday Sales

The weekend sales continue…  Here are two of my favorites