Bites of Style: Celebrate Yourself

Ready for your closeup? Well you better b. How we feel isn’t who we are. Sad or happy, up or down, confused or mad are all just a series of emotions. And our emotions should never control our actions. What you have in the bank today, last night or last week isn’t who you are…..

Hurricane Sandy and The Calling

Calling a cab in New York City can be pretty complicated.. During Fashion Week, I thought I had the system down, but many times I waited and waited.. and waited some more.  First I tried standing with my hand out.. The next day I tried calling out ” Taxi, oh taxi.. ” Each day I…

Motivation Monday: Favorite Clutter Free Collections Of MBFW 2014

    Our BOS Word For The Day is UNCLUTTER: to remove clutter from : make neat and orderly. Are you suffering from a cluttered closet or  overstuffed Fashion Week suitcase perhaps? Well I feel your pain ladies and gents. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tornado  is well underway and it’s extremely easy to find yourself…

Convo With Brandy: Meet Mr. Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik, the elegant master of women’s shoe design, was born in Spain’s Canary Islands. After studying architecture in Geneva, he relocated to Paris and then London, where he opened his first boutique. The Manolo Blahnik line has earned icon status; the distinctively sexy and sophisticated heel on a Manolo Blahnik shoe is instantly recognizable….