How To Be The Light

  With 4o days into the new year, time moves  at a rapid pace. But, in the midst of it all, there’s still time to be the light. Every day, there are countless opportunities to give back. When we look at how we can serve others first, we see  where our skills are best needed….

Be Consistent

“Consistency is the key to the breakthrough. You aren’t doing something wrong. You aren’t doing the right thing long enough.” Creflo Dollar You have a vision for your dreams, now be consistent.    

Finding Answers

  You Control your own destiny. Life is a series of destiny moments. So, don’t give up,  don’t faint or collapse in fear. Don’t cry, don’t negotiate, or even compromise for the win. You control your destiny, and you will win if you don’t quit. Don’t settle for less. Just be still, and think your…

Finding The Right Frequency

The first time one of my stories written for television, actually appeared on television, was a huge shock to me. The director didn’t call , or send a check in the mail, or respond via email ( honestly, I wasn’t sure I had the correct email address ). But weeks later, while watching a show, I…

Be Excellent

Excellence on any level is greater than mediocrity. Anything in your life that isn’t helpful needs to go away. This weekend, prune away any dead weight, and watch what emerges.

How To Leave A Mark

Anyone can leave a mark in the world. It’s easy. But leaving a mark that stands the test of time requires, faith, endurance, patience, and tenacity. Remember, your mark matters.  

The Keys To Success

This fall, while navigating a greasy kitchen floor in a restaurant, wearing slick high heels, I feel on my butt. I survived with no bumps or bruises. And since I enjoy the dream of walking through any surface wearing any pair of shoes I please, some new precautionary measures, also known as (a rubber sole…