Don’t give up

Never give up! You were sent here to set the world on fire, so don’t give up!

Here’s how to start winning now!

So many times people put winning on hold because they are waiting on more help. New levels equal new devils.. You always have to overcome something before you can reach another level. Don’t wait for help. Your help cometh from the Lord. He knows what you need and you can win with what you got…..

Live Your Best Life Today

Lily loved helping others, but she could never find time to fit in any projects involving giving back, with her 50 hour work week schedule.  All Lily ever did was talk about how she wanted to help, and what her dream job would be.  Lily had the same problem many people do, she was comfortable…

Stay Encouraged

Do you feel lost or confused this weekend? Perhaps your view is a little fuzzy. It happens to us all.  But if you keep walking forward, if you just keep the faith, you will find your way!  Remember, there’s always another side! You just have to get there! Stay focused, strong, and encouraged!  

Stepping Into The Right Shoes

“Don’t be afraid to take another step. Your steps are order. So pick a pair of shoes and go make your dreams come true.” The gecko ( in the photo below) is hidden in plain sight. If you blink you could miss it. Similar to many  opportunities that pass us by on a daily basis. …

One Last Story: How To Die Empty

Grandpa motioned for me to come closer, so I rushed to his ICU hospital bedside at Texas Harris Hospital. Was he finally about to tell me where he hid millions of dollars? Nope, not even close. He spoke, but I couldn’t understand him. Frustrated at the circumstances, I finally had a light bulb moment. Maybe he could write…