From Setback To Success Chanel Cruise Rules Dubai ( Video)

Chanel Cruise Collection Dubai Photo via Chanel
Chanel Cruise Collection Dubai Photo via Chanel

Our BOS word of the  day is Setback

Setback – An unanticipated or sudden check in progress; a change from better to worse. 2. a. A step like recession in a wall.

Have you ever experienced a setback? How would you define setbacks in your life?

Here are a few of my current setbacks this week!

  • Late to work
  • Forgot a birthday gift
  • Left the house without money
  • Forgot to make my child’s lunch
  • Employee quit within 4 days. A world RECORD
  • Forgot to return a very IMPORTANT email.
  • Forgot to buy the ingredients for dinner

Setbacks suck!!  I never say,” Thank you  God for this setback.. YUCK.  .. But maybe I should? Take  a look at some of the lessons I have learned from one of my most recent setbacks. Video HERE




Impulse by Karl Lagerfeld @ Macy’s

Impulse at Macy’s

I stumbled on this Bites of Style by accident.  I somehow took a wrong turn, and ran into this beautiful window display… Awh Karl Lagerfeld.. Designer extraordinaire. One of the world’s greatest fashion legends.  This collection is for the college chick, uptown girl, and the business women..   Karl introduces his latest and limited edition collection at Macy’s at a price we all can afford. Theses pieces are flying off the shelves, so get them while they are hot!!!!

This is a limited edition and the pieces are truly unique.

For a sneak peak visit your local store or check online at