Don’t give up

Never give up! You were sent here to set the world on fire, so don’t give up!

The day after the total solar eclipse

Today, most of America saw one of God’s marvelous works in nature, the total solar eclipse. Where were you on August 21, 2017 Is the question many people will ask in the years to come.  Although the eclipse date does have value, so does every day after today. The photo in this article was taken…

How To Be The Light

  With 4o days into the new year, time moves  at a rapid pace. But, in the midst of it all, there’s still time to be the light. Every day, there are countless opportunities to give back. When we look at how we can serve others first, we see  where our skills are best needed….

It’s National Compliment Day

Yes, it’s national compliment day and you should find many people to compliment. Go on, it feels so good. Yes, you could say,”he girl nice shoes” but why not try going deeper? There are many people you encounter throughout the day, that deserve at least one compliment. So look up from your work, and give them…

Finding Answers

  You Control your own destiny. Life is a series of destiny moments. So, don’t give up,  don’t faint or collapse in fear. Don’t cry, don’t negotiate, or even compromise for the win. You control your destiny, and you will win if you don’t quit. Don’t settle for less. Just be still, and think your…

Faithful Friday: Finding A Place

A table of greatness has been prepared just for you. So, stop saying what you can’t do. Or saying no one invited you to the party, or  even saved you a seat at the table. Every day, you have to seize these precious moments of greatness that God has planted for you. Sometimes you won’t…

How To Leave A Mark

Anyone can leave a mark in the world. It’s easy. But leaving a mark that stands the test of time requires, faith, endurance, patience, and tenacity. Remember, your mark matters.