The Bradie James Foundation Event With Elie Tahari NorthPark Center

I heart Elie Tahari for his beautiful clothes, his message of hope, and for never giving up on his dreams. The rags to riches fairy tale that is designer Elie Tahari’s life story has been told and told again, but it remains an inspiring example of what our industry—and our country—is all about. He slept…

Elie Tahari New Flats

These flats scream spring and come in so many luscious colors!!! Elie Tahari  Price $198

Fur vest which one will you buy

Fur vests come in many shapes and many colors. Long, short, brown,  white, and blue. There are no wrong choices, but they are a wardrobe staple for fall/winter.. It didn’t make sense to buy these in August, however now most of these are on sale. Buy them within the next month to get the most wear out of them…..

Style Diary-Elie Tahari and Streets of Sparkle

  There are so many things  you can say about Elie Tahari. During the first 2 weeks of my new job I got stuck in a certain leather and lace dress at a cocktail party at NM-Downtown. My girlfriends can attest to my horror. The silly zipper got stuck.   Lessons I learned #1 Never take off…

Elie Tahari fall collection comes to Dallas

Fashion, fashion, fashion!!! Fall is the most fashionable season of the year. No need to watch shows like Fashion Police, or  What not to Wear. In Dallas fashion is everywhere. This season I have seen some of the best runway shows, met the most fashionable crowd, and saw a runway show at a private jet hanger… And…