BOS Insider : Four Insiders Talk DIFFA Dallas Fashion

Lights, camera, action! Fashion & charity  season is well under way, and it’s safe to say the copious amount of fabulous gowns and accessories  are plentiful. Whether you are attending an event in New York or a small town, the question of what to wear still boggles the masses.  Should I be daring or conservative? With…

Hari Mari Flip Flops Are Not Just For Summer

I  had never heard of Hari Mari flip flops, but I am not a flip flop kind of gal. First of all they are flats and when you wear heels as often as I do, flats sometimes can be flat. I do have family members that love flip flops, they are beach babies, but for…

Big Rich Texas- Not so sure about Leslie

Well Leslie from Big Rich Texas has some explaining to do…I have always like Leslie from the show, but after watching the  first episode I am not sure anymore. I guess we will just have to watch the rest of the season and see.   Leslie from Big Rich Texas- photo credit- Style network

Big Rich Texas Party @ Hotel ZaZa

If you have never been to the swanky Hotel ZaZa then tonight is your night. Come hang out pool side with the cast of Big Rich Texas I am sure there will be a ton of drama, fun, and a new cast member from Colleyville!!! So excited….

2 Days of Reality TV Fun in Dallas

Big Rich Texas Viewing Party Not watching football tonight? Well go support some of our local Dallas reality stars. Two nights of reality TV watching with the stars of the show. Big Rich Texas and Most Eligible Dallas. are having parties. Both events should have good fun, people watching, and of course most importantly be fashionable.