The Day I Put The Salvation Army Angel Tree Gift Tag Back

Originally posted on Bites of Style:
Photo via There were hundreds of paper angels hanging from the tree. The news announced there was a shortage of volunteers to help fill children’s holiday wish list, so I grabbed an angel.  And then everything changed. It was embarrassing. But with a heavy heart, I walked back…

Don’t give up

Never give up! You were sent here to set the world on fire, so don’t give up!

Finding kindness

  Going to the grocery store without any money isn’t something I normally do, but that’s exactly what happened today.   Asking the produce guy, Michael ,  to store my grapes and other items until I returned to the store  in 30 minutes , seemed like a reasonable request. But   Michael  wasn’t having it….

Find your hope

It’s a new year,  and it hasn’t turned out as  planned.  I know , I know ,I know… It seems all hope is lost, but its not.  And how do I know? Because I just do. If you take anything away from this message , please take away this: Your hope is still alive. It’s…

Here’s how to start winning now!

So many times people put winning on hold because they are waiting on more help. New levels equal new devils.. You always have to overcome something before you can reach another level. Don’t wait for help. Your help cometh from the Lord. He knows what you need and you can win with what you got…..

Changing the world

And David went on, and grew great, and God was with him. ” 2 Samuel 5:10 Often times you may feel you can’t go on, , the challenge seems to hard, but you really can go on. God is with you.  Think about the typewriter and all the work that had to be done to achieve…

Help Wanted: Feeding the homeless on Labor Day in Dallas

Looking for a way to give back this Labor Day in #Dallas, here’s how?  Once a year Cornerstone Baptist Church in South Dallas hosts a Labor Day of Praise where bands come together and bless the local homeless community with a family picnic type experience. We’ve been asked to cook and serve breakfast and lunch….