The Day I Put The Salvation Army Angel Tree Gift Tag Back

Giving Back on a budget

Bites of Style

salvation-army-angel-tree-jpg Photo via

There were hundreds of paper angels hanging from the tree. The news announced there was a shortage of volunteers to help fill children’s holiday wish list, so I grabbed an angel.  And then everything changed. It was embarrassing. But with a heavy heart, I walked back to the tree and put the paper angel back. I wanted to do good. So, buying a gift for a child in need seemed the perfect solution. The 10-year-old boy requested a bike, winter coat, and Nike sneakers. I assumed the gift would cost 20 dollars or less, but I assumed wrong.  With no job, those gifts weren’t in my budget.

So I cried.  It didn’t help. Years before I had organized charity drives, collecting thousands for those in need. I even wrote about ways to be charitable, and companies to buy gifts that gave back from, but now the tide…

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