Finding kindness



Going to the grocery store without any money isn’t something I normally do, but that’s exactly what happened today.   Asking the produce guy, Michael ,  to store my grapes and other items until I returned to the store  in 30 minutes , seemed like a reasonable request. But   Michael  wasn’t having it.

You really don’t have any money, ” he said. “Not even Apple Pay?

“Sorry, I switches purses and  left all my money at home, I said.”

I wasn’t sure if Michael believed me, but it seemed like this was going to be a hassle for the store , so I  would just put my items back and return later .  But before I could do that , Micheal said I could leave the store without paying for the groceries.  I was almost speechless!  Michael said I could pay the  store back the next time I was  in the neighborhood, and he walked me out the door.

I was in complete shock of the kindness of this stranger . Walking out the store with groceries you didn’t pay for is unheard of. But Michael cared enough to listen  and show kindness.

As it says in 2. Peter 1:3 “God has given us everything we need to live a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”

I  never expected to need free groceries today, but I’m so thankful that God had given us everything I needed!

What acts of kindness have personally touched your life in a  big way?




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