Stepping Into The Right Shoes

“Don’t be afraid to take another step. Your steps are order. So pick a pair of shoes and go make your dreams come true.”


The gecko ( in the photo below) is hidden in plain sight. If you blink you could miss it. Similar to many  opportunities that pass us by on a daily basis.  Many times people tell me, “I just don’t know what to do, where to look, I am clueless on what’s the next move? And too many times the next key, the next opportunity, is hidden in plain sight. I’ve missed it too, but let’s all resolve to move forward and not miss it again.  Instead of looking to others for insight, let’s look inside ourselves. Yes, others can inspire us, but too many opinions bring confusion.



Do you call for help to sweep the floors, or to dress yourself in the morning. No , because these are jobs you can handle yourself. But perhaps, you could handle this next opportunity too. Perhaps, God has placed the next key right around you.  So, be still and get focused.  The object you are looking for is much closer than you think. So use it!



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