More Than Coffee and Pasteries, Starbucks Offering Gifts That Give Back

The Giving Keys at Starbucks Photo Credit: Bites of Style

Giving is always in style. And giving back just got easier since Starbucks stores now carry a small selection of The Giving Keys necklaces.

Our BOS word of the day is giving: freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to.

The Giving Keys founder Caitlin is quite the charitable and philanthropic person. She knew off the bat she wanted to contribute to a charity, but wasn’t sure which until the day she met a homeless couple in California, whom she made an instant connection with. The couple helped make her decision easy, and it was then Caitlin knew she would help the homeless get back on their feet. The keys are now engraved with meaningful and inspirational words by the homeless looking to turn their lives around. When a key is purchased with the inspirational word of your choice, you wear it until you meet someone who could benefit from that word and you give it away- therefore paying it forward.



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