The Spirit Of Giving

The Spirit of Giving Love Photo Credit: Chutikarn Wongwichaichana

Catching up on projects are a few ways people enjoy spending days off work. However, before you add another personal project to your to-do list, why not think about adding a charitable project instead.  Giving back stretches further than yearly donation drives, 10K’s and charity balls. Giving back is something you have the power to do right now. So, whether you have five minutes or 60 to spare, there’s a perfect option for you.

Got 10 minutes: Give something away : When you give , you create a mental and physical space in your heart and home, by helping others. Think you have nothing to give? Well think again. Look around the house and find something in excellent condition you can do without.

Got 15 minutes: Give encouraging messages: Write encouraging messages on notecards and mail them to friends, or distribute to  strangers.

Got 60 minutes: Give yourself away: “Help Wanted” doesn’t just apply to companies. S Maybe an elderly neighbor needs assistance around the house, or perhaps someone in your family needs a helping hand. Someone needs you.

Here are a few more ways to give back.

* Reading to a hospital patient
* Baking cookies for a neighbor
* Giving extra food to a food pantry
* Grab a group of friends, prepare food and feed the homeless

Whatever you decide to do, do it with love.


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