Giving Gifts From Within

Gift wrapped with love photo credit Bites of Style 

A gift wrapped perfectly  with beautiful paper brings me joy, but what’s inside the package is pure gold. Yes, the holiday’s are over, but you still have a gift inside of you that’s begging to come out…And while you are encouraging yourself to dream bigger, act in faith, and speak words of life,  you also must open your own gift and share it with others. Because your gifts are not just for you.  Those favors, blessings, and open access gifts are meant to be shared.

Giving back is not a once a year ritual, its’ a lifestyle. Reaching the top solo  is not option. Everyone should die empty, because they poured out so much love while here.  So, tonight write down a few ways you plan to share your gifts with others this week. And remember,  writing something down down doesn’t mean it will become accomplished, so take the next steps and write action steps for your gift giving plan.


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