Vision Planning: An Innovator’s Guide


My first few seconds after discovering another Christmas globe ornament had hit the ground was frustrating. It was time to add another ornament top and hook to the pile of useless stuff box. But after staring at those sparkly tops all in a row, I discovered an idea.  I could smash the top flat and make a whole new type of decoration. So, with a hot glue gun in my hand, I embellished notecards and found joy in my frustration.  How you see things matter.  And you can’t accomplish anything in 2017 worthwhile with a half hearted vision.


A vision plan sets the tone for everything  great you will accomplish this year. It’s not just a vision statement, or a vision, but a clear mental image, that serves as a blueprint for a future focus. It’s sprinkled with insight, details, and clear direction. Now, no one knows the future of 2017, but if you plan to accomplish big dreams, then you need a vision plan.

Here are a few steps to make sure you start your vision plan off right.

  1. Pray for an inspired vision- Set aside a quiet time to pray for a vision
  2. Write the vision down- Don’t fumble around in the dark hoping you want hit the furniture. Turn on the lights, please.
  3. Write an outline, sprinkled with goals and checkpoints.
  4. Collect vision inspired information- From photos to research, you can’t be it, if you can’t see it.
  5. Walk out the vision- Read your vision plan and do it.

Putting documents in a binder, with clear protectors is a great way to keep vision plans organized.

Lastly, trust your instincts and begin.


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