The Keys To Success

Photo Credit: Bites of Style

This fall, while navigating a greasy kitchen floor in a restaurant, wearing slick high heels, I feel on my butt. I survived with no bumps or bruises. And since I enjoy the dream of walking through any surface wearing any pair of shoes I please, some new precautionary measures, also known as (a rubber sole buffer) have now been taken. Hey, whatever it takes to keep the dream of fancy feet alive.
Our Bites of Style Words For The Day Are: Staying the course

There’s something magnificent that unfolds when you don’t quit on your dreams. See, it’s our job to ask and be a partner in the miracle. But can we all be real and say the real worker in all the miracles is God! Our roles are so little. So, it’s very important for everyone to note during this season of waiting these three keys; not to give up hope, keep the faith, and above all, do not quit. Because by sticking with it, through adversity, quietness,and no details of when your dreams will come true, you will receive exactly what you ask for.

Keys: Photo Credit Bites of Style

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