Dear Diary: Realize The Battle

Realize The Battle

“It’s not about where you sit, but where you serve that matters.”

 I knew God opens doors for me, so I could help others, but when someone stole my third row seat at New York Fashion Week, all I could see was, “that lady stole my seat.” I wanted to become outraged. It was my seat. Technically only for the next twenty minutes was it my seat, but you get the point.

Truthfully, I was disappointed, especially since it was my first time sitting on the third row. Luckily I didn’t get angry, and within seconds owner Kelly Cutrone, of People’s Revolution and judge on America’s  Next Top Model led me to the best seat on the front row! Even better, one of my editors, who was in the standing room only section, was able to score a seat right next to me. It was a fashion miracle.

 Bites of the day: Realize the battle. Don’t develop in pride, and don’t overact.  Always wear love. Not only does it look better, but it always wins!

Libertine New York Fashion Week Photo Credit:Bites of Style




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