Someone needs you!

A lot of immediate issues impacting American families could be solved by people simply sacrificing something small in order to improve the lives of others. As a culture we are willing to buy particular foods to stick to the newest 7-day diet, we save to buy the latest gadgets or luxurious for ourselves, but what are we willing to sacrifice for the sake of others? We believe that together we can do much more. People often think they would give more if they had more, but the small sacrifices we make daily can really make a big impact.

While your planning your holiday parties I would like to encourage everyone to think of themselves less, and take the #SSC6Day challenge.  The Small Sacrifices Count challenge runs the entire month of December, but just like a diet you can start any day of the week.

Here are the rules

Step 1: Small Sacrifice Count- Pledge to sacrifice an item you buy on a regular basis for 6 days

Step 2: Make It Count– Turn the amount of money collected into something bigger for someone else.

Step 3: Big Impact– Share on social media and with others using #SSC6DAY to show others how you made it count. You can take a photo of yourself holding a sign saying what you will be sacrificing. Then please share theme on the Small Sacrifices Count Facebook using #SSC6DAY


Do More: Get your family, friends, co-workers involved and do this challenge together. Host or attend a Small Sacrifices Count holiday party and encourage guests to bring sacrifices instead of gifts.

Why Sacrifice Something vs.Writing a Check: Sacrificing something small sheds a light on the small amounts we spend frivolously.

Small Sacrifices Count is about doing more with less, and realizing the money we sometimes spend frivolously could really be impacting a family in need.

What sacrifice will you give up? Sign up on Small Sacrifices Count  take the 6 Day Challenge. Once you accept the challenge, send us a photo like the one below and use #SSC6DAY.

Mersene of Indulge by Mersene Photo Credit Bites of Style

Check out what business owner Mersene Norbom from Indulge by Mersene is sacrificing?

Examples of Small Sacrifices to Give Up

1. Buying Lunch
2. Happy Hour
3. Dining Out or Fast Food
4. Coffee

This week I am sacrificing buying coffee and eating breakfast out. #SSC6Day

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