The Day I Put The Salvation Army Angel Tree Gift Tag Back

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There were hundreds of paper angels hanging from the tree. The news announced there was a shortage of volunteers to help fill children’s holiday wish list, so I grabbed an angel.  And then everything changed. It was embarrassing. But with a heavy heart, I walked back to the tree and put the paper angel back. I wanted to do good. So, buying a gift for a child in need seemed the perfect solution. The 10-year-old boy requested a bike, winter coat, and Nike sneakers. I assumed the gift would cost 20 dollars or less, but I assumed wrong.  With no job, those gifts weren’t in my budget.

So I cried.  It didn’t help. Years before I had organized charity drives, collecting thousands for those in need. I even wrote about ways to be charitable, and companies to buy gifts that gave back from, but now the tide had turned. As I drove home, wiping away tears from my wide brown eyes, I noticed three school aged boys walking in the freezing cold with no hats or gloves. Thankfully they had coats, but my heart ached for those little boys. Where they lived, who their parents were didn’t matter, just helping their heads and fingers stay warm mattered.

The thoughts of what I couldn’t do invaded my mind. Enough was enough. Finally, I prayed for God to open my eyes and show me what I could do.. And that’s how Small Sacrifices Count was born. Moments later, God showed me how I could help.  I learned the smallest monetary sacrifice really does count. It’s about seeing the needs of others and giving back with intention. So I did.  Four years later, Small Sacrifices Count has helped individuals in Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Boston, and Atlanta. And even the Salvation Army Angel Tree too.  By focusing on what you can do instead of what you can’t do, you can make a big impact. And now I need your help.

Chef Gram Dodge takes the Small Sacrifices Count Challenge

Taking the SSC 6 Day Challenge is easy, you just give something up for 6 days and then buy something for someone in need. Say you don’t buy anything on a regular basis then pledge to give something away. For example, if you plan on selling your clothes on  Craigslist to someone in need, give it away instead.

Not sure whose is in need? Look around in your neighborhood, job, gym, schools, universities, and grocery stores. Someone needs your help.

Next, post a photo on social media with the #SSC6day

Next, invite others to participate

Finally, share your story. We can’t wait to here about the impact you are making this holiday season.

Photo Credit Small Sacrifices Count

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