No, This Is Not The Time To Retreat


Do you know what it means when a person says no to you? It doesn’t mean not right now. It doesn’t mean callback next week. It actually means the person you are speaking to doesn’t understand your authority.  They have been misinformed. They must of thought you were someone else. Perhaps they didn’t hear you correctly. Either way, it’s not your problem. Your mission is to stay persistent and to keep repeating the same words.

I really enjoy my MacBook Air computer, it’s expensive and efficient. Until two years ago when the charger broke multiple times. One time, the insurance company replaced the charger and the next time I replaced it.  Year after year, the same problem with the charger occurred. Enough was enough. I refused to rent another charger. So I folded my hands, used a slower computer, and put my $1,600 MacBook investment in the desk drawer.  A replacement charger was only $100, but I felt foolish investing in the charger again.

And then the lightbulb turned on.. God’s word says, “The words I hear you say I will do. Numbers 14:28. And I realized God didn’t want me to use a slower computer. It was a bigger waste having a $1,600 asset in a drawer than buying the charger for $100.  But if this was the result  I wanted, God would give it to me. But it wasn’t what I wanted, I wanted restoration. I wanted to use my computer again. I wanted a MacBook Air charger for a discount. Maybe, I could find an affordable one at a discounted website. No, I didn’t want a used charger. I want a new charger for free.  So I prayed and asked God for it.. And He did it. Find out the juicy details at November 4 at 5 p.m. CST


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