How To Handle Extra Luggage

Photo via Saks Fifth Avenue

Doubt is lurking. Not from you of course, you’re wearing an outfit of confidence. But that doesn’t mean the people around you are dressed correctly.  They are extras. And sadly. you can’t kill them off,  cut their lines or ignore them completely.  So instead of reacting emotionally  when they  don’t share your enthusiasm , just stick to the script. 

The script that says you are a overcomer, conqueror, and a winner. The script that says your dream will happen inspite of the doubting extras.. The script that says  God has you on the right path and now is not the time to switch courses.

Although things haven’t happened the way you determined they would, it’s already predestined for you to win. Handing the script over to God, doesn’t mean doubters won’t lurk around you. But it does mean your predestined dream is still on schedule.

Remember, extras are apart of the dream, but only the director changes the script.

Stick to the script.


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