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Weak connection, not responding and low battery are just a few of the roadblocks I experienced this morning while typing on the computer. For a moment, I considered holding my ball of  information for one more day.  There’s always tomorrow, right? Time to move on to another project. It is what it is, right?  But those are all false statements because we shouldn’t boast about tomorrow.  It’s a cliché that sounds good, but isn’t good. Whose to say tomorrow  or the next second will come? How do you move forward when your  favorite tools are broken?

Our Bites of Style word of the day is continuum:  A set of elements such that between any 2 of them there is a tiny difference.

Philippians 4:13 says ,” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” All things means all things. Despite a weak connection, low battery, or the computer program not responding, all  things means all things. This continuum power can only be stopped by you. Truthfully. the only tool you need access to you already have, and it’s not from an electronic table of elements.

So instead of giving up, I grabbed an empty journal and started writing away. The computer doesn’t store my ball of information- I do. There’s  no limit to what you can do if you use the continuum power God has placed inside of you.  Just do it and keep on doing it. Like mathematics, if you keep adding to your destiny instead of subtracting from it, you will be successful If you just keep  using the tools God has given you, instead of complaining about what’s broken down around you- victory will follow right behind you.  You are in the “Pr” stage of progress, and you only move to the “ogress” by just doing it.

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