Alexander McQueen 2017 Resort Style

13-mcqueen-2017Leather done differently is what’s new for the Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 Collection.  In an age where, 3-d printers are fashions hottest accessory, even accompanying designers to the drafting table- and that’s okay.   Sarah Burton, designer of Alexander McQueen  discovered a new asset, aka her own hands. With a paint brush, she masterfully crafted the prettiest flowers on leather fabrics. That’s right, you can paint on leather. 

And the results are stunning peonies, roses and wildflowers layored with a paint brush to perfection! Most importantly, Burton captured a wearable collection fashion lovers will preserve for generations to come. It’s made well and it’s different. How did she do it? Take a look

Our BOS word of the day is excavate: to make (a hole or channel) by digging: remove carefully from buried remains.

What could have been a messy disaster was an amazing discovery for Burton’s team. Why use a 3-d printer if there’s no need to?

So many times we think we have nothing left to use No special talents or assets that we see in view.

 Sadly, we are  mistaken. God always has a million gifts all around us. Matthew 7:7 says.”Seek and you shall find.” Today is not over. There’s still time to discovery something new.

So excavate whatever is cluttering you up and discover something new not tomorrow, but today.





Photos via Alexander McQueen




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