Fired on Facebook


Our Bites of Style word of the day is: message a verbal, written, or recorded communication sent to or left for a recipient who cannot be contacted directly:

And the messengers left; then they brought him word again.” 1 Kings 20: 9

What messages will you listen to today?

It was 5:41 p.m. and the Facebook notifications had finally reached my cell phone. And boy was it news. The type of news that started with condolence messages on my Facebook thread.

Teia, the travel editor said,” Not real sure what happened with you and the owner, but thank you for all the support and love.”

Ashley, the food editor said,” Hey girl! The boss said you are no longer with the magazine. I’m sad to hear this. I hope you are doing great! Let me know how you are.”

And finally a message from the boss said, “I will find another fashion editor. I’m sorry”

Fired on Facebook.  I went from reporting the news to becoming the news.

Immediately I prayed for wisdom and heard nothing. What a time for God to be silent.

So I tried to reply to my former boss via Facebook but there was a problem.

Hostile strategies  were already in place.  From fashion editor to unfriended on Facebook, locked out of all emails and the company website. For over three years I had devoted my life to seeing this company succeed and this was how they repaid me.

It’s now 5:46 p.m. and summer school would start in 14 minutes. Skipping my 4- hour class seemed like an option because I needed time to process and correct this misunderstanding.

Time for halting these mixed messages and untruths from further infiltrating the air waves

“Oh God once again what to do?”

And He said “Go to school.”

So, I hightailed it to school determined God would use me there. I would tell the story of the mountain I just climbed. I would retell the story and everyone would be shocked that I pressed forward in the face of being fired on Facebook.

I would encourage others with the strength God had given me, but that never happened. In class, the professor spoke the entire time.

I was left wondering .”what this public firing was really about “And most importantly, how to answer the Facebook messages from my former editors and writers?

I prayed for wisdom, read the bible and asked God for answers. And you guessed it, He said nothing. But in saying nothing, He actually said everything.

What I soon discovered was the answer to responding to my coworkers would come from within.  I would tell the good news.

God allowed me to hold my head up in class was news, but not the best news I could share.  The best story of all was the good news of God’s love.

I had an opportunity to leave one message with my coworkers. In the midst of gossip , negative rumors and bad news flooding the airways.

So I selected a message of love. I refused to say anything negative, hurtful or unkind about my former boss.

I immediately went from the shock of being terminated to sunshine, and it’s all because of God. People actually thought I had a new job because of the joy I had in my heart.

Ashley, the food editor asked,” What company are you working for now?

”Wherever God places me. My life is in his hands.”

At a time where countless news messages were flooding my spirit, heart and mind, I picked the right news channel to illuminate.



I changed my mind, which changed my actions, which allowed me to ONLY promote the good news.

And you can do the same. You don’t need to be fired to turn bad news into good news. You can do this with any situation in your life. Your attitude determines how high you’ll succeed in every situation.

As Proverbs 23:7 says,” For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he

As God showed me I had nothing to be sadden over, because I actually had a new job title, in my already crowded schedule, called “telling the good news.”

I accepted the position without knowing the salary requirements, benefits or  even days off. But, I rested knowing since God sent the position, I was fully covered.

Often times, God sends us mail through cell phones, email and even Facebook, and how you respond matters.






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