A fashionable invite has arrived

Prying eyes wonder why you made the list and they didn’t. Above all, where could such a fashionable invite come from? Neighbors are in a tailspin, wondering why their doors weren’t adorned with such a haute couture creation.

Who is she they whispered, why her and not me one asked? Everyone wants to know who you are, but let’s be honest, who left the invite on the door is the real question.

Really, who leaves an invite without an envelope, one that the world could see?

A chic invite, met to capture everyone’s attention, with yellow rectangles and one perfect circle pattern, not to be missed.

So who’s the invite from? Mr. Fear, you guessed it.

He stopped by to shake things up, a little scare, a little cray, cray was on his list.

Hey a Monday wouldn’t be complete without a stylish slice of fear to startle you. Hoping you will take a few precious steps backwards or perhaps even go a mile in the wrong direction.

But you have grown well beyond your years, and he knows you are getting stronger each day.

Because if he doesn’t stop you now, you might reach your destiny, on time, and in the best outfit ever, right?

So he’s throwing daggers disguised as party invites, friends dressed as foes, compliments wrapped in foil lined Ralph Lauren paper, later unveiled as insults – you should have known, but that’s okay.

Whatever it will take, to get you off track, distracted, and most of all fearful of whatever he can use..

Because there is no danger, there is no real fear. Just a strategy to stop you. But you are smarter than that.

You put your war clothes on this morning.. And most importantly you will keep them on all day.

Constantly stopping to pray, being renewed, checking your path, your strategy, walking carefully, but never with fear, because you have no doubt that God is on your side.

And the snares that worked before, won’t work this time..

After all it’s not an invite to just any party, it’s an invite  to a victory party, and he’s hoping you will come in the wrong clothes..But you know better now. Being prepared is essential,

So.. .


Keep reaching..

Keep dreaming..

Pursue, Overtake and Restore. If you keep moving forward, He will work out the details.

Always remember, fear can’t come in, unless you unlock the door.

So the next time fear leaves an invite on your door, just smile and write Him a thank you card filled with JOY.

“I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.” Revelation 3:8

The rest is easy. You will walk into your purpose, with style, your destiny is just moments away. It really is.. God has opened a door, and no man can close it..

Don’t give up.. You have the invite.. You have the outfit.. You are ready..

Now get to the that door… And never look back


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