How To Travel With Bites of Style

Bites of Style Travel Secrets

Bites of Style

“Distractions are intrusions of the mind on a mission to disrupt your stylish future. Now what will you do?  ”  Brandy Sebastian


The middle seat on any airplane sucks, it really does! Your view isn’t splendid – at all.  You’re forced  to trample over innocent bystanders  just to use the facilities, so to speak. But instead of zooming in on the constraints of my middle seat, I focused on my fabulous now!

The NOW, which allowed me precious moments  of engaging  conversation with a stranger new to Dallas! The NOW, which allowed a multitudinous amounts of writing time in my middle seat ( who says you need a desk to work?) And finally, the now, which allowed me the opportunity to be thankful for what I had, despite of the constraints around me.

Bites of Style New York Bites of Style New York

Where ever you are, be it 10,000 ft in the air or…

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