Bites of Style: The Road To Forgiveness

Photo Credit: Bites of Style
Photo Credit: Bites of Style

In the Bible’s closing verses of the Lord’s Prayer, it states, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.:

Yet forgiveness isn’t what’s been illuminated in the news lately.

America’s at a tipping point, at a time where our country could tip backward, in light of the death in police custody of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, where dozen were later arrested in rioting. While charges were filed against the officers involved, forgiveness doesn’t stand out in the a sea of sadness, valid points and rioting agendas.

As President Obama said  in his remarks on May 4, at the launch of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, an initiative to address those persistent opportunity gaps for young people, most noted in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death.

“What kind of country do we want to be? It’s not enough to celebrate the ideals we’re built on. Those can’t just be words on paper. The work of every generation is to make those ideals mean something concrete in the lives of our children, all of our children.  And we don’t get there as long as kids in Baltimore or Ferguson or New York.. believe their lives somehow mean less.”

Bites of Style Photo Credit
Bites of Style Photo Credit

Forgiveness, although a rocky road at times, is normally the road illuminated the brightest. Forgiveness is the winning idea that can change lives.

In 1998, a company already highly successful, was propelled into a new arena going from gross sales of $8.77 million to $9.2 billion with three simple words: Just do it.

This challenge, this phrase captured the nation. Although customers didn’t become rich from this phrase, they became inspired to reach beyond themselves, to dig deep inside finding inner athletes.

Nike’s campaign was not just a fashion statement, the tagline was something everyone could be a party of, regardless of race, color, religion, or social status

Forgiveness starts with a step, just like Nike’s “Just do it slogan, it can be done by all. It’s really that simple.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean agreeing with or agreeing to random acts of violence, or forgetting the Christians simultaneously beheaded by ISIS, the botched Islamic attack in Dallas, the Philadelphia train derailment or the death of Gray.

Forgiveness does mean giving up the right to get even for the greater good of us all.

So just do it.


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