Bitter Sweet Style Encouragement ?

And the Oscar goes to: The Grand Budapest Hotel for Costume Design. . Bravo The Grand Budapest Hotel Photo via Everett

“Encouragement goes a long way! ” So when Zach, a former colleague, stole a fashion feature I slaved over for months bitterness, outraged and revenge topped the ramblings that intruded my mind. Encourage him, heck no.

A true style proof solution involved a five step  revenge plan, right – similar to carrying an umbrella on a rainy day. But revenge wasn’t the answer. Why? Because we all get a turn to b great.

God has placed a gift down in each of us, and everything happens in His perfect timing, not ours. Honestly, Zach couldn’t steal what was already mine, unless I handed it to him.

Zach has a gift, I have a gift, you have a gift, your dog has a gift. Enough said. Instead of becoming bitter, lets practice encouraging one another while taking joy in the fact that our turns to b great are right around the corner!



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