Last Minute New Year’s Eve Style, Please?

A spark, a toast , a one-of-a-kind, couture inspired outfit seems like the most awe-inspiring way to ring in the new year, right? But what good is a new year with an old mind?

Our BOS word of the day is ruffle : An irregularity or a slight disturbance of a surface:

I used to dream of being invited to a glamorous  New Year’s Eve party. A fete  with couture clad people, where I was one of the best dress, of course. A place where fascinating conversations took place, and only the fabulous ladies and gents attended.  Because that’s what I saw year after year, at the ritzy downtown hotel where I worked.

And when I worked in retail, all I ever saw  on New Year’s Eve were countless ladies on the hunt for that special outfit.  And at the last-minute, someone always came in ruffled, desperately searching for that  unique, distinguished outfit for  the night.  Why? Because this was their  New Year’s Eve tradition.

Image Harper's Bazaar UK
Image Harper’s Bazaar UK

In America, New Year’s Eve means a time to celebrate. Be it with family , a party, or a bar near you- a celebratory spark must commence!

Well, that spark you’re seeking isn’t wrapped in “the best dressed list of 2014” or an intense kiss at midnight from your bo.  Nor is it dressed in a promotion, new home, or a perfectly selected dress.

The spark you  so desperately seek, only comes from unveiling  your  true purpose in life. And my point is, how you spend tonight matters. How you spend tomorrow matters.

Don’t waste tonight on things that don’t matter. A party doesn’t make you important. A dress can’t make you fabulous. You are important because you are a child of God with a purpose. Not because of what you have, but because of who lives in you.

So tonight, set an agenda for the new year by focusing on your  purpose. No matter what’s happening in your life right now, don’t allow your problems to ruffle you. If you’re looking for some direction,  please watch T D Jakes, author of Instinct: The Power To Unleash Your Unborn Drive  tonight online at 10 p.m CST. LIVE HERE

Have a safe and stylish New Year!



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