Tights That Go The Extra Mile!

IMAG6774In Texas, you barely notice the continuum yet fashionable change from fall to winter – but it does occur.  Before you can blink it’s time to don those winter white tights paired with your favorite Yves Saint Laurent boots.

And just as the undeniable fashion continuum occurs every year, so must a change occur within each of us.

The Bites of Style Word of the Day is-  Distort : To pull or twist out of shape. In order to reach the next level of greatness you must distort,  your vision!

It’s not enough to transcend your mind if you hold your time hostage by the past. To get what you have always wanted, you must go where you have never been before…

Don’t wait for a new year to rise to the next level.  Step out on faith now and watch what happens next. God  has amazing plans for you! Just you wait and see!

bStyle Tip: Life’s twist and turns require a great pair of tights. Try adding a textured pair over a solid pair for a one-of-a-kind bite of style!


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