Oscar de la Renta Bites of Style

Can you see past this present moment? 
By now, everyone knows fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has died. And although, I have never met the gent, I’ve often admired his fashion design work from a far.  I’m sure heaven is simply honored to have such a couture master entering those pearly gates, while the rest of the  world continues to mourn loudly.  Although this was a great loss for the fashion community, let’s all try to encompass Oscar de la Renta’s  fierce words of wisdom, his fight and his love of life!

“The only realities in life are that you are born, and that you die. We always think we are going to live forever. The dying aspect we will never accept. The one thing about having this kind of warning is how you appreciate every single day of life” Oscar de la Renta 

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012
Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012

Our Bites of Style Word for the day is stifle

What does stifle mean to you?

Somewhere over a stylish rainbow, lives a couture field  encompassing my past fashion, shoe, accessory, money, family, and friend mistakes. Let’s hope they’re all living happily ever after, right?

You see my past used to stifle me like crazy!  Somehow or someway, those mistakes always seemed to track down my current location!  How? Who knows.

And although, I knew those  mistakes wouldn’t define me.. And I knew I could rise above any adversity with God. Yet, stifled  by the past I still remained -until, I  finally discovered many of those mistakes inadvertently  turned into powerful life lessons. And  those same mistakes were part of his perfect will for my life.

Such as the time, I rushed  to Dallas for a video interview with  New York designer extraordinaire Edward Wilkerson of Lafayette 148 New York. This seems harmless, right? Well read on…After a long day of shooting, I was led to a funny discovery -around midnight of course,  which rocked my world completely upside down.

That wonderful moment when I discovered the microphones weren’t working  during the interview! And although, those same  microphones  had worked perfectly fine earlier during the seventeen store interviews I conducted for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out in Texas. But , when the most important interview of the day had arrived, the microphones took a vacation. Yep.. that was a night I have never forgotten.

So, I cried, I prayed, I emailed my pr contacts- yet nothing could be done. And making matters worst, Mr. Wilkerson needed to travel back to New York the  following day. Let’s just call this experience,  one of those very scary and embarrassing moment in my fashion journalism career. But it was also one of my favorite mistakes to date, so far!

Why? Well, mainly because the insight I discovered from the video debacle was priceless!  God always knew I would make those mistakes! And He always knew the woman I would become today – mistakes and all.  In the end, my mistake actually turned into a huge miracle, which I will share the details later this month in the Mistakes to Miracle section.

So ask yourself these 3  simple questions, please.

  1. Why b regretful over your past mistakes when you could b living a blossoming stylish life?
  2. Why live in regret, when you can forge stylishly into ANY future you wish to have? 
  3. Why b anything- other than grateful for this very moment, while being thankful for the lessons of the past?

Can you think of any reasons why your past should  stifle you? Yep, I didn’t think so. Always remember, you are not your past.  You are uniquely and marvelously made.. So don’t b stifled, b Unstoppable.

With Love,

Brandy Sebastian

P.S… And since we all know laughter is the best medicine for every thing, please enjoy my video mishap with  New York designer Edward Wilkerson

3 Must-Have Fall Style Secret Weapons

Ever find yourself stifled when you’re trying to  decide  what to wear? Yep, I’ve been there plenty of times.  Well never leave home without my 3 secret style weapons. These pieces are  guaranteed to save you time while keeping you tres chic all year-long!

Bites of Style Founder Brandy Sebastian
Bites of Style Founder Brandy Sebastian , scarf; Ann Taylor, glasses; Christian Roth Eyewear, belt Lafayette 148 New York

1.  The Scarf

Now this sassy number is not just for your neck, it’s actually one of my favorite time-saving pieces for my head!

2. Black and White Sunnies

Not only do they go with EVERYTHING. But they add instant style to those tired eyes while doubling as a headband.

3. The Black Leather Ruffle Belt

Who said ruffles are just for tutus? Add a layer of elegance to your look with a leather ruffle black belt!

bStyle Tip: Add a chic bracelet to any belt for an instant pop of color!

Black Leather  Ruffled  Belt by Lafayette 148 New York with bracelet ( Photo Credit :Bites of Style)
Black Leather Ruffled Belt by Lafayette 148 New York with bracelet ( Photo Credit :Bites of Style)

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