Gym, School, Nightclub! The Activewear Social

Every good and perfect gift is from above. James 1:17  

Don’t be fooled, activewear as ready-to-wear is not a new trend!  Every where I look,  fashion  designers ( who I adore, but shall remain nameless), are shouting about  this not so new trend.  All of the sudden,  activewear can take you from work, to gym, to dinner. Been there, done that, and I’m still doing it!

For instance, my lucy activewear capri didn’t camouflage the cellulite on my thighs, so I added this beautiful  skirt to the look. Within seconds, I had achieved activewear to ready-to-wear success!! Check out the photo below!


Brandy Sebastian of Bites of Style wearing Activewear to Ready-to-wear  Photo credit: Bites of Style
Brandy Sebastian of Bites of Style wearing Activewear to Ready-to-wear: Photo credit: Bites of Style

























Now could I be a physic, no way?  But I’m a personal architect of style, and so are you.

Our BOS word of the day is :  Architect

Here are 3 steps to becoming an architect of style. 

1. Vision- It all starts with a vision. Sometimes the vision is in your head and other times the vision might come from a magazine. But every idea starts with a vision, and without a vision, you are doomed to fail!

2. Trial and Error-  A vision that hasn’t been tested is pointless!  In order to know if your vision will work, you must test it out!  Last month I put my activewear blue jacket with one of my favorite outfits! And now my #ootd is vision tested approved!

3. b Original : Although it’s great to look at other designers work for inspiration, it’s best to go with your instincts. God uniquely made you, so always practice producing original ideas.

The Bite Away: Don’t live out  someone else’s vision for your life. Ask God  to show you how to invest in yourself.  God has instilled a gift in each of us to share with the world, so try to maximize your style!!



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