How To Cleanse Successfully

Our BOS of Style Word for the day is Quit

Quit:to stop, cease, or discontinue , to depart from, leave, release from obligation

Have you ever felt like quitting something? Ever faced a challenge that seemed just too hard? Wait!  Everyone don’t raise your hands all at once. I remember starting the David Kirsch  48-Hour cleanse for the third time in six months, and wanting to cry and quit. The cleanse involves drink liquid S-L-O-W-L-Y every 4 hours. By day one most of the lemon concoctions was gone. No biggy, right? Well it was supposed to last for two days. Painful, right? Suddenly I had the bright idea to call the  DK office for tips on getting through the cleanse. Genius!!    Apryl- my coach gently said,” Take it hour by hour” . I remember screaming, ” What! This is your advice. You are kidding, right?”

She than reminded me of my health goals and told me to stay strong. She reminded me of how far I had already come. I had only been on the cleanse 12 hours, but Apryl continued to shout my praises thus far. ” Don’t ruin it Brandy. You are doing so well.”

I hung up the phone and started sobbing. Where did I go wrong? I called the office for help and she said ” Take it hour by hour”. Whose got time for ” hour by hour nonsense? I needed help getting through today!  Thanks for nothing lady!” As I sat in my office contemplating what to do next,  I begin to meditate on Apryl’s  words of encouragement.   Truthfully, I was upset because I wanted an easy fix, and Apryl recommended I ignore the pain and prepare for the future.  Well she was right.  Once I stopped focusing on the temporary discomfort of the cleanse, I was able to successfully make it to my next goal.  For me this  meant getting through the next hour.  Then  the days passed and finally four days later  I was 10 pounds lighter.  Sometimes you  just have to take one baby step and then another baby step. But a step is a step.. Don’t quit on your goals for ANYONE.

God created us all to be powerful and you can do anything you set your mind to. Now go out there an conquer the world.  James 1:12 says, “Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.” God loves you, so do I. Speak it into Existence!

A friend of mine shared this message on Facebook today and I hope it inspires you to stay strong.

Decide today to stretch yourself. Take on a goal that you had previously given up on. Get lost doing something you love. Cultivate happiness within yourself. Understand and know that life isn’t just about what you do. It’s about how you serve and what you give! Go within yourself to GROW outside yourself. Expand your comfort zone. Get moving toward your GREATEST life ever!

I got so inspired by successfully completing the cleanse, I decided to style my outfit based on the DK bottle.

Who knew the DK 48 Cleanse bottle was so fashionable?

Outfit: Banana Republic Headband, Dress, Shirt, Hobo Leather Bag, and Necklace all Spring 2013. Sunnies Christian Roth Spring 2013

Brandy Sebastian ( Photo credit: Bites of Style )
Brandy Sebastian ( Photo credit: Bites of Style )

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