Hurricane Sandy and The Calling

Photo from Charity Buzz
Photo from Charity Buzz

Calling a cab in New York City can be pretty complicated.. During Fashion Week, I thought I had the system down, but many times I waited and waited.. and waited some more.  First I tried standing with my hand out.. The next day I tried calling out ” Taxi, oh taxi.. ” Each day I tried different methods until finally I found one that actually worked..

The secret to calling a cab is to STAND OUT.

Our BOS word for the day is  CALLED

Called: to command or request to come; summon: to ask or invite

Do you know what you are called to do ?

Hurricane Sandy still brings up a plethora of emotions. When I think of all the people, and businesses that suffered from this tragedy my heart still aches. We never know exactly why these disaster happens, but I can always rely on my faith in God to get me through the hard times.  He’s always in control and his plans are greater than mine.  Pressure + Pain= Passion

“I used to punch in, go do my work, and leave at five in the afternoon. I work harder and a lot more now than I ever did in my life. . . . But I’m not just doing a job. I’m doing something I’m called to do.” Alyssa Durnien

John 10:3 tells us:“…He (Jesus) calls His own sheep by name and leads them out.”
Each of us are called to do something and my prayer is that everyone discovers their true calling today. I would love to share this story about how Alyssa found her true calling by helping others. Please enjoy the link below.
Argentina Designers NYFW SS14 ( Photo Credit: Thomas Garza for BItes of Style
Argentina Designers NYFW SS14 ( Photo Credit: Thomas Garza for BItes of Style

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