Successful Steps Sunday: Be Diligent

Bites of Style


Is the model riding on this skateboard for a pretty photo, or is she trying to get in a little extra cardio? Probably both, right?  Looking  stylish  while finishing a  project  seems unheard of, but it’s not actually how we start that even matters. Medals aren’t given  to those who start, but to those who finish what they started. Most people think the hardest part is just  starting a project.  But truthfully, the hardest parts are the middle  of the project and the end.

Can  you be diligent through the ENTIRE process? Depends on the project, right? In order to receive the medal you must take the first steps AND  become a finisher.

Starting has never been enough. I wish people would stop preaching this message. ” Just get started , just take the first step and your almost there.”  Um not exactly.

Finishing is better than starting


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