The Well Balanced Collection of 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target ( Video)

The Phillip Lim For Target Collection Is Almost Here

Bites of Style

Finding balance can be a monstrous task. From clothing,  family,  or work, balance can seem nearly impossible at times. If your too lazy nothing gets accomplished, yet if you are too legalistic you could go mad.. Successful people live discipline lives that are well-balanced.  What’s their  secret? Well I have done over forty interviews with successful people and it seems all of them say discipline helps them live a balanced life. Shocking!! Yes, but even Proverbs 5:23 says,” A man will die for lack of discipline and be led astray by his own folly”.Phillip LIm designing Photo via Phillip

Phillip LIm designing Photo via Phillip

Discipline: Training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental or moral character

From Coco Chanel to Michael Jordan, discipline is a skill that we all must master to have a balance life. It seems  designer Phillip Lim has mastered the art of this discipline. When he’s not  launching the new 3.1 Phillip…

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