Tip Tuesday: Committing To Nail Trends

Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs Beauty. Photo via Elle.com
Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs Beauty. Photo via Elle.com

Updating your nails is the best way to add color to your ensemble without spending hundreds of buck.  But finding  the time to visit the salon or paint them yourself takes commitment.

BOS Word Of The Day is Commitment:  Official consignment, A pledge to do; the state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to another person

Oh boy!! Seriously, this is a post I would love to skip, but unfortunately it’s overdue.There are times when I make a commitment to do something that I later regret. Sometimes I try to figure out some way to get out of doing what I promised to do. Whether a better opportunity came  along or I am just too tired; I always know I must keep my commitments.

Confession Time:

Last night as I kissed my child goodnight, he asked ” Mom what it’s your mouth?”

Nothing son!

But I smell something.

Of course I had been caught red-handed now!! While I was at the store shopping for school supplies, I devised a plan to buy and eat an Organic Green and Black Chocolate Bar  before returning home.  Since my trainer sells chocolate protein shakes, I figured I would add organic chocolate to my vanilla shakes. For those of you who can enjoy chocolate, there is a coupon on Facebook for this amazing chocolate.

Green And Black Organic Chocolate
Green And Black Organic Chocolate

Is chocolate wrong? Of course not, but I am on a strict diet and chocolate is not on the program  (which I  know).  Trainer David Kirsch  gets results, but you have to be 100% committed to the program. Just like anything you do in life.   Knowing and doing is a topic for another day, but hopefully you get my drift.  God honors us for keeping our word, and for not being swayed.. Keeping your commitments will pay off in the end, so recommit yourself to your fabulous projects today. I plan to enjoy a few pieces of chocolate once I finish my first commitment to my health.

Here are some of my favorite nail trends from Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and The  Fall 2013 runways via Elle


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