Motivational Monday: Lessons From Designer Naeem Khan

Happy Monday BOS Insiders

Our Bites Of Style word for the week is balance and flexible.
When I think of these two words, I am reminded of trying to balance and be flexible in yoga class . It’s a scary thought. The countless times I fall over and hit the person next to me is so embarrassing. Everyday is different, but as long as we keep trying we CAN achieve a balanced life.
Balance: a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, e.t.c. Counterpoise, mental steadiness or emotional stability, habit of calm behavior.
Flexible: capable of being bent, usually without breaking; willing or disposed to yield; pliable.
Spring 2012 by Naeem Khan Photo via Style
Spring 2012 by Naeem Khan Photo via Style
1 Peter 5:9 says, “Be well-balanced ( temperate, sober of mind) be vigilant and cautious at all times. I pray each of you will find balance in your life this week. With summer  coming to an end and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starting in 3 weeks,  I wanted to revisit one of my favorite designers Spring 2012  RTW Collection. Naeem Khan knows how to make women feel beautiful and a thing or two about being flexible and balanced.
Naeem Khan ( Photo via
Naeem Khan ( Photo via
 His vast knowledge of textiles under the watchful eyes of his grandfather and father, both well-known in India for designing intricate clothing worn by the royal families. As a child, he was mesmerized by the handwork produced in their workshops, and always knew he wanted to be part of their intensely visual medium.  To create pieces this beautiful you must achieve true balance. Let’s  get some advice from designer  Naeem Khan  and see if we can spot how he balances it all.   Meet Naaem Khan

Q: After launching your Naeem Khan Collection in 2003, how did your collection catch the attention of  such  iconic department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrod’s?

A: It’s a lot of hard work and dedication. I started working as an assistant carrying bolts of fabrics, and doing whatever it took to become a designer. I did it for passion, I didn’t do it for the money. I learned the craft over the years. I had been working for 20 years already before I was picked up by such iconic stores. So you have to pay your dues first.

Q: Do you have  any  advice for young designers who aspire to work with iconic department stores and showcase their designs worldwide?

A: You have to work super, super hard and you have to train your mind to constantly design. You are on the train or you are at a party, maybe with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your mind must always be shaping and reshaping until it becomes a constantly designing engine. I launched my collection in 2003 but I didn’t do a runway; I only did my first runway in 2005.  You have to be flexible. Between 2003 and 2005. I only made dresses and experimented with them in stores to see how to sell them and learning my market. Young designers must understand that having clothes on the runway costs a lot of money. Otherwise what happens with many designers is they borrow money to put on a runway show, they create debt and go out of business or end up selling cheap. So I made my money before I even went on the runway.

Want more? Read the full  interview from Anda Bailey, one of my fashion writers HERE  and see the NEW Fall 2013 collection. The Fall 2013  collection can be purchased in stores now, but sometimes it’s fun to look back at previous collections. I hope you enjoy the photos below from the Spring 2012 Collection

Naaem Khan SS12 Photo via
Naaem Khan SS12 Photo via
Naeem Khan SS12 ( Photo Credit
Naeem Khan SS12 ( Photo Credit

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