Motivational Monday: Alice And Olivia Flower Power

Do you have the courage to wear this entire look from Alice and Olivia Fall 2013 Collection? Or would the practical side say no to the red lips and the headpiece?    Personally I love the dress and the red lips, but I am  not digging the flower girl head-gear. Stepping outside your box  takes courage and that’s the word we are going to look closer into this week.

Alice and Olivia Fall 2013  via
Alice and Olivia Fall 2013 via

Courage:  The mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

When someone asks ” how are you doing” the normal reply is ” fine and you”, right?  It’s second nature, possibly polite  brainwash, but it’s just what most us always say.   While doing my daily walk with my toddler, I ran across a man pacing back and forth in his driveway.  He looked a little scary but I didn’t want to pre judge him, so I  casually said,” How are you?” To my surprise he mumbled back  an entire sentence. My mind started to really wonder.

What did he say?

It wasn’t fine and you. What did he say?

I should go back.

No, I have a list of things to do.

Wait, I will act like I didn’t hear him.

No, that’s wrong.

Well he should have spoken louder right?

Why does he look so upset? I’m not sure this is a good idea

He could be dangerous.

Crap, God just answered my prayer, so now I must talk to this guy.

Alice & Oliva  via
Alice & Oliva via

For the last month everyday I say this prayer,” God to help me encounter the people I need to meet to impact their lives in a positive way and to help me see the people I need to meet to impact my life in a positive way.”  Some days I see both people and some days it’s just one, but everyday this happens!! It’s normally through email, over the phone or on social media, but lately I haven’t encouraged anyone in person. Let’s face it we are busy, and I was on a mission to take a walk and get back home as quickly as possible. Talking to a  scary looking stranger was no where in my plans.

Alice and Olivia via
Alice and Olivia via

Although I was a little nervous, I quickly  said a prayer  before I invited myself,  stroller, and a feisty toddler  onto his property.  Sam has had a hard life and was just kicked out of his brother’s house. But worst of all he was going to prison in two days for the second time.  He admitted he deserved his sentence, but he didn’t think the days leading up to prison would be so hard.

” I am trying to turn my life around but it’s just not getting any better.”  I never found out why he was going to prison, but I could relate to his pain.. Immediately my fear of this stranger was gone, as I realized he just needed someone to be a listening ear.

I have never been to prison, but I have been through many trials that seem never-ending. What about you?

From fashion crisis, to school , to money, and family, trials can come like a freight train-one car after another, after another but eventually the last car passes.

I love this  quote from Joyce Meyer’s Starting Your Day Right Daily Devotion Book, ” When problems seem unceasing, remind yourself” This too shall pass” . God will give you fresh anointing daily to handle everything that comes into your life.”

Alice & Olivia SS2013 Collection via
Alice & Olivia SS2013 Collection via

Although I never saw Sam again,  I am so glad God gave me the courage to talk with him. He really needed encouragement and a listening ear, and it didn’t cost me anything but a little time. A lot of times we are so busy on social media, and life that we miss the opportunities to make an impact on other people’s life.

This week look for the moments to be a blessing in someone’s life… You never know what a difference you can make if you just stop and smell the roses.

roses I would love for you to leave me a comment below on ways you plan to have courage to impact someone’s life positively this week.


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