Successful Steps Sunday: Finishing


Medals aren’t given  to those who start something, but to those who finish what they started.

In order to receive the medal you must take the first steps AND  become a finisher. Have you ever thought of a project but never finished that project? Yeah, happens all the time!!

Finishing is better than starting

Patience is better than pride

Normally what stops me from finishing is time, money, life or at least this is what my mind normally tells me.. Sometimes we can stop a project before we even get started because we begin to think negative thoughts. Here are some of my thoughts.

“This will never work”

“This will take too much time”

“It seemed like a great idea, but now I am way  too busy”

Sound familiar? Your mind is one of the most powerful tools we have in our bodies.. With our mind we are creative, we decide our careers, our families and so on.. With our mind we also can kill an idea before it even begins. Sometimes it’s actually the thoughts of others that hurt the most.


Truthfully, the thoughts of others shouldn’t hinder us at all. It is really OUR thoughts that matter the most.  Do what God has created you to do and finish the projects that you have started..

Don’t have any  new or unfinished projects? Well use this week to think of some new  positive thoughts to help you accomplish those projects.. We were created to be creative.. go ahead and create.!! Happy Sunday



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