David Stark’s New Book The Art Of The Party

Renowned event planner David Stark reveals whimsical, artistic, unexpected designs often created from sustainable, industrial, or low-cost materials to inspire readers—whether planning a wedding, dinner party, or holiday gathering—looking for ideas for their own events.

Twenty-five of David Stark’s events are featured—both private celebrations and charitable galas— and showcase how he developed the inspiration for the overarching theme, color palette, and the thoughtful, coordinated details he’s known for, and which truly make an event memorable.

Ready to learn the art of the party? Well today is your chance. David Stark is a renowned New York-based event producer as well as President and Creative Director of David Stark Design and Production. Stark will  be releasing his latest book, David Stark: The Art of the Party today and you can meet him in person.

 Bergdorf Goodman in NYC

6:30-8:30 p.m. on the 7th floor.

In case you can’t make tonights you can buy his book online for  $27.99 at Amazon.

David Stark Book
David Stark Book

Here are few tips from David


1.  Take the time to find the perfect seating plan for your guests.  A great host is a wonderful match maker.  Sometimes it is about love, but most of the time, it is about creating fabulous conversation and creating new friendships.  The Post-it note is the party planner’s best friend. Create a drawing of your table plan, write your guests names on the sticky notes and place them on the plan, moving them around until you find the perfect arrangement.

2.  Who needs tables during the summer?  Set up plush picnic blankets on the lawn replete with comfy pillows, bottles of wine,  glassware, and nibbles.  You can even bring your floral centerpiece to your blanket!  Invite your guests to kick off their shoes and enjoy!


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