Motivational Monday: The Giving Keys Founder Caitlin Crosby

Happy Monday.. I hope everyone had a great weekend..

Our BOS Motivational Word For The Week is Giving

What does giving mean to you?

Giving – Freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone);  hand over to: bestow ( love, affection or other emotional support)


Giving means so many things to me, but last month my heart was touched when I learned about a fashionable company called The Giving Keys.. I immediately read store after store about how people’s lives had been changed because of this company..

This story is about paying if forward and doing more for others. Which if you are a follower of mine you know this is truly what I love. This company spreads the message of being fearless, courage and always be giving..

I heard the founder Caitlin Crosby would be in NYC doing a trunk show and I immediately asked one of my fashion writers to try to score an interview.. Well she did and it is finally finished..  Caitlin is quite the charitable and philanthropic person. She knew off the bat she wanted to contribute to a charity, but wasn’t sure which until the day she met a homeless couple in California, whom she made an instant connection with. The couple helped make her decision easy, and it was then Caitlin knew she would help the homeless get back on their feet. The keys are now engraved with meaningful and inspirational words by the homeless looking to turn their lives around. When a key is purchased with the inspirational word of your choice, you wear it until you meet someone who could benefit from that word and you give it away- therefor paying it forward. Here’s a sneak peek from the article by Maria Crawford of Miss A

Q: Has The Giving Keys fulfilled a dream of yours?

Founder of The Giving Keys Caitiln Crosby
Founder of The Giving Keys Caitiln Crosby

A: Well, it was never a specific exact goal of mine to start a charitable jewelry line, but it’s always been a dream of mine to spread love & inspiration to this generation in a creative, authentic & new way, so I guess, actually YES

You can read the full article HERE about how she got her start and why she wants everyone to be more giving..


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