April Inspiration: Tulips and Angles



Dear Diary:  It’s April and I am very excited to see another glorious month.  I plan to Do: More this month.. March started out with good intentions, but a few of my commitments fell short. But what’s a girl to do? Give up.. Heck NO.. I have too many things to conquer..I can’t go backwards but I can work a little bit harder.

Although I will be traveling and starting new projects, I can’t forget about my unfinished ones from March.  Who wants to live a life with a bunch of unfinished business? Not me !! Life is about growing, developing, and progressing.

A lot of times we get in our own ways, and although I accomplished a lot in March there is so much more I can do.

I will workout more so I can enjoy my cheat days and the swimsuit that’s coming in the mail

I will finish my projects because I didn’t start them to never finish..

I will DO MORE because I CAN

My tulips are  finally blooming and  It’s actually pretty funny because I almost didn’t plant tulips this year. For the last 4 years I have planted tulips at my home, but since I was moving across the country, I decided to wait until next year. Normally in Texas you plant tulips in Nov-Jan and they should normally come up in  March. This year I planted the tulips in March and some of the bulbs were already starting to get  moldy. Honestly I was worried and didn’t want to waste the energy  or money on soil for flowers that would die.  But,  I am so glad I stepped out on faith and  took that chance.

Although my tulips shouldn’t have come up-  they did.. It’s funny how you can get the biggest surprise by stepping out on faith!

Previous Year Tulip Garden Photo via Bites of Style
Previous Year Tulip Garden Photo via Bites of Style


Sometimes we think things aren’t going right because the world is against us, and sometimes things aren’t working because of  timing.. It’s all about your perspective.

BOS Question For The Weekend :  Are you seeing clearly?  If not, put on some chic glasses and look at your situation from a different angle.

Christian Roth Sunglasses
Christian Roth Sunglasses

What I learned.. Sometimes breaking the rules is okay.. Last month it seemed that the tulips were barely making progress, but  everyday I would water them in hopes that a flower would sprout.  Finally two weeks later a leaf would grow and now one red  flower is starting to sprout..

The lesson: It doesn’t matter what it looks like or what it should be.. sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and see things from a different angle.  Even when it seems like you will fail.. still take the first steps and see what will happen.  These tulips shouldn’t have grown in the hot Texas sun, but God always knew that they were going to come up this year..

The Take Away:  Go with your instincts None of us can predict the future but if you don’t try you will never know what you could have done. Don’t look at your situation from one angle instead adjust your perspective and try anyway..

I hope you are reaching your goals as well.. It’s a new month.. which means a new opportunity to do something great!! So get back on the horse and try again.. Finish what you started. No one gets in the race just to compete.. You get in the race to win!!

Stay tuned for more photos of my tulips when they are in full bloom and information about some of my fabulous new projects..

With Love,




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