BOS Insider : Four Insiders Talk DIFFA Dallas Fashion

Ron Host Of Last Year's DIFFA Dallas event
Ron Host Of Last Year’s DIFFA Dallas event

Lights, camera, action! Fashion & charity  season is well under way, and it’s safe to say the copious amount of fabulous gowns and accessories  are plentiful. Whether you are attending an event in New York or a small town, the question of what to wear still boggles the masses.  Should I be daring or conservative? With many jobs, you must dress as you’re told by the boss, your wardrobe dictated by the need to properly enhance your role. But in your off time you are free to display your personal style, choosing the fashion designers, hairdo’s and accessories that show you off as the beautiful creatures you play in real life.

DIFFA, is known for being one of the most stylish annual events in Dallas, and it will once again be at the top of the city’s not-to-be-missed charity events. Tonight’s events will take place at the spectacular Hilton Anatole in Dallas
Tonight’s DIFFA event is already SOLDOUT.   Instead of guessing what the most of fashionable Dallaslites would be wearing, I decide to spy into their coveted closets. Why guess when you could know?
Bites of Style covers the best of  both worlds in Dallas & New York.  What good are connections if you can’t call in a favor?  Just because I am not in Dallas doesn’t mean I can’t spy on  the most fashionable. These four individuals are daring, outspoken, charitable, and a few of them I call dear friends. Which had absolutely nothing to do with my selection.  I am grateful  they all answered their phones. Here’s a BOS Insiders look  behind-the-scenes- into their  fabulous DIFFA Dallas outfits.

  Meet Heidi Dillion: Founder of the FASHIONISTAS,  Executive Producer of Morning Dew Pictures and former cast member of Style Network’s Big Rich Texas. She is charitable, has impeccable taste and is always reinventing the wheel.

Heidi Dillion
Heidi Dillion
 BOS: What will you be wearing to DIFFA Dallas, and what was the process surrounding picking the perfect piece?
HD:  A few months back I purchased a magnificent Lanvin long taffeta skirt and a Rick Owens long architectural sleeveless jacket. Both pieces are very gothic and dramatic but it never occurred to me when I purchased them that I would be wearing them together.
A couple of weeks ago I was playing around in my closet trying to come up with my DIFFA outfit.  My son Dallas was home, which was great because he has a sharp eye for fashion and I always like to bounce my outfit ideas off of him. I had worn the Rick Owens jacket to a previous event, but I had not worn the Lanvin skirt.  I am really crazy about both pieces because they make a strong statement that articulate in a very powerful visual way where I am in my life and the sort of woman who I have become. The two pieces together are magical and topped off with a chunky cross necklace by local jewelry designer Shona Gilbert, the look is, as Dallas called it, very “vampire slayer”.
BOS: What are you most looking forward to at tonight’s event?
HD:  My husband Bill and I have been to DIFFA many times, and I was honored to have been elected to be on the inaugural Style Council years ago.  This year we are delighted that Dallas will be joining us.   At age 15 he has developed a love of getting dressed up and relishes opportunities to wear his tuxedo.  I’m sure I don’t know where his love of fashion comes from! We also have some of our dearest friends sitting at our table, so we are looking forward to a fun evening!
Alison Volk WATERMARK 800-020
Meet Alison Volk:  Founder of VOLK PR , is always talkative, passionate, and never takes no for an answer ( I have the emails to prove this fun fact)
BOS: What will you be wearing to DIFFA Dallas and why did you choose that designer?
AV: Well.. It’s a surprise, but I chose her because she offered to do a  custom design for me. So I agreed and  was in a dressing room w/ fabric rolls before I knew it!   I also really like the designer. The designer does custom pieces and really listens to her clients…. trust me – I took over the creative design … and she took her brilliance and made my vision reality!  The vision stemmed from a design she had previously created and morphed into something really fun and sassy!
BOS: What was the process behind choosing your ensemble? 
AV: I chose a style that is fun for DIFFA … I like to go a bit off the straight and narrow (no pun intended) … as it is DIFFA .  You can carry any style that is stylish at this event!  Classic to outlandish …. it all works!  I am wearing something super edgy….. I think its sexy and edgy…. … I wouldn’t wear it to many other events in Dallas and certainly not to a social occasion w/ family and friends (!!!) …THAT SAID – it is an ensemble and I would TOTALLY wear the pants w/ a more classic top and vice versa …. .and the top will be superb as a statement piece w/ so many other apparel partners!
BOS: What are you most looking forward to at tonight’s event?
AV: I am very excited to walk more on the edge Sat night …. just need to figure out what I will be walking IN.
Jim Duran ( Photo Credit BLKN)
Jim Duran ( Photo Credit BLKLN)

Meet Jim Duran: Designer BLKLN Clothing, is a gentle soul, daring fashionisto, talented menswear designer, with a unique point of view

BOS: What will you be wearing to DIFFA Dallas, and what was the process surrounding picking the perfect piece?

JD: To this years DIFFA gala I am wearing and over-sized white lace men’s shirt by a Korean brand called pushBUTTON. Last year I wore a very special pair of McQueen leopard print pants from the Spring 2012 collection so this year I had to do something extra special and unique. I was at Opening Cermeony in SoHo in NYC and I tried on pieces by Mugler, Christopher Kane, and Kenzo but the shirt by pushBUTTON was unlike anything else and it makes such a bold statement that I knew I had to get it.

BOS: What are you most looking forward to at tonight’s event?

JD: I am always very excited about the DIFFA gala. Last year I was a Jacket Collection Co-Curator and I received donations from Gaultier, Cavalli and Diane Von Furstenberg amongst others. So this year I was so honored to be asked by Jan Strimple to donate a piece from my own collection, BLKLN. So I am very excited about seeing my jacket, that was specially designed just for DIFFA, in the runway presentation and seeing how much money it raises for this wonderful organization.

Meet Heather Lettieri:  Fashion Journalist for DFW Style Daily,  is edgy, says shocking things, and is a one-of-a-kind jewel of Dallas

Heather Lettieri wearing ( Photo Credit:
Heather Lettieri wearing Nine Muses ( Photo Credit: Sylvia Elzafon)
BOS: What will you be wearing to DIFFA Dallas, and what was the process surrounding picking the perfect piece?
HL: I’m wearing a gown by local designer label, Nine Muses. This will be the 3rd time they’ve dressed me. As soon a I knew I was going to DIFFA I called the designers Jerry and Francesca because every time I wear one of their dresses I feel uniquely beautiful and confident and sexy. Ow, ow!
BOS: What are you most looking forward to at tonight’s event?
HL: The runway show! This is my first DIFFA and I hear the show is pretty spectacular.

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  1. Chuck Steelman says:

    The event is actually at the Anatole Hotel but the event’s title sponsor is the Joule Hotel. Great article and great people featured.

  2. Greg says:

    The DIFFA event is at the Anatole – not the Joule!

    The Joule Hotel and Retail is, however, the Title Sponsor.

    1. OOPS!! Thank you gentlemen for bringing this to our attention.. It’s been corrected

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