Thankful Thursday Project Runway

It’s Thankful Thursday, and today I am thankful  for Opportunities.

Every moment of every day is an opportunity to do something fabulous.

I hope everyone will maximize their moments today.

I  have always wished I could sew or  even design clothes, but for me this is not in the cards. It’s not a dream  or even a hobby for me. I do adore design and I do adore great clothing, but that doesn’t mean I should be designing them.

You have to passionate about what you are doing or your really just wasting your time.  You can love fashion but not make fashion.

Truthfully I am too busy, and I can’t be everything to everyone.. I can just be me.. Use your time wisely and only do things you are passionate about doing.

You have to learn to say NO sometimes, and I am saying NO to sewing!! (enough of my rant) but starting saying NO people if it’s not your passion!!

Project Runway Season 11 Photo Credit Lord and Taylor
Project Runway Season 11 Photo Credit Lord and Taylor

But if you are a designer or if this is a dream of yours, then I have a great opportunity for you.

Project Runway is casting season, and since I am fashion editor for AskMissA I was asked to send in my list of favorite new designers. If you know of a designer I should recommend please leave me a comment below..

Anyone interested in being a designer should email this casting director immediately. This could be your year!! So maximize this moment and get to sewing. Casting ends April 8th.

Project Runway Casting Flyer
Project Runway Casting Flyer

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