This weekend I was hit in the EYE..But today I can see clearly which is a MIRACLE.. So here’s some chic glasses inspiration to start your week off right. Full Story Of My Eye Sight Issue Coming Later Today..

Bites of Style

The sun is shinning and spring is approaching!!  Spring = sunglasses, sunglasses, and even more sunglasses. Spring also means spring cleaning, right? Do you have too many things in your households, or just a few extra items someone else could use? One place that’s sure to be hiding some extra assets might be your CLOSET ( cue the scary music).

Not my closet, were literally the words I had spoken 5 months ago, then it took me an additional  2 months  to actually take  some much-needed action. In the end, I purged many  valuables, furniture, and some of  my most treasured outfits! The thought of departing from  my favorite things was unbearable at times. But, I quickly recalled all the past opportunities I had been allotted, so I dug down deep to benefit others.

What I learned? I didn’t need ANY money to help others, all I needed was creativity and a…

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