How To Get An Irish Mani

When you combine a gold-sequined nail with this dark green color, you instantly have a fun St. Patty’s Day mani. These nails are a Bites of Style favorite.  Here are the steps I would take to get this look…


1. Apply your base coat.
2. Paint two coats of British Racing Green onto all of your nails except your ring finger nail.
3. Then, on your ring finger nail, apply two coats of a gold sequined polish like Milani Jewel FX Nail Lacquer in Gold 531. (You can buy this for a great price—only $7.99!) If it isn’t covered in the gold sequins after two coats, keep applying until it’s completely covered in sparkles.
4. Just apply a clear top coat, let your nails dry and…voila!

This how to comes from Beautopia

The world’s most amazing green polish was my pick for this festive Irish holiday manicure. This nail polish will turn headsChina Glaze Emerald Sparkle ($6) is a deep, rich emerald with teeny, bright jewel-toned green glitter.



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