Spotlight: Bobbi Brown Is Pretty Powerful


Do you know… what you do can be pretty powerful?

Do you know..your voice can help others

Do you know your ideas can change the world?

The BOS word of the day  is CONTAIN

Is this guy afraid to take a photo?  or is he  #ContainGownCrazy  Don’t let this happen to you, please!

Cannes via Elle ( Photo via Getty Images)
Cannes via Elle ( Photo via Getty Images)



Contain: To be held or kept within limits. To halt the spread or development of something.

Are you being contained today? I would love to say NO, but sometimes the answer is a resounding  Yes.

But here’s the secret, you can change your circumstances by changing the way you  act and think.  Any goal is REALLY  possible. From the smallest  dreams to the biggest dreams anything is possible with God’s limitless power.  When you partner with God’s divine power containment doesn’t even stand a chance.

Don’t let your circumstances define you. 

What will you do with the time you have left on earth? Will you work on your business, goals, dreams, change the world, or all of the above?  Or will you let your life contain you?

Beauty Editor and Expert Bobbi Brown  has built a successful empire on empowering others through beauty. Her work does not contain her, but  inspires others to be  “Pretty Powerful”. She’s always finding ways to reinvent the wheel and just launched a video for her Pretty Powerful Campaign which donates 100% of her profits to Dress for Success. Want to know how she got her start?  Take a look at our Convo HERE




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